Opening plan

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Search of location 

Own database of real estate agents and cooperation with the best real estate agencies in each region allows to select location and format up to your investments.

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Stage 1
1 день

Calculate with the manager investment model for the chosen location taking into account specifics of the location.

Stage 2
7 днів
Project design

Get visualization of your future coffee shop, as well as zoning, power distribution and lightning plan.

Stage 3
7 - 14 днів
Staff recruitment

​​​​​​​We offer ready-made instruments and assistance in staff recruitment.

7 днів
Training and apprenticeship

Our own training centers and apprenticeship in operating outlets help to educate future baristas for chain standards. After training staff undergoes a checkout of competence verification.

Stage 4
14 - 30 днів
Construction activities

We provide schedule of construction activities and help with field checks on every stage of construction.

Stage 5
3 дні

Our startup team provides partner with marketing and operational support during and after opening.

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You are the owner of a successful business!